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Fetal Heart Monitoring Program


Fetal Heart Monitoring 4th Edition Post Test NEW! Available Online Only

Are you ready to apply what you’ve learned in the 4th edition of AWHONN’s Fetal Heart Monitoring Principles and Practices (FHMPP) text? Test your knowledge now with this online post test. The Fetal Heart Monitoring 4th Edition Post Test is designed for individual clinicians who want to validate their knowledge and for supervisors and managers who need to document staff proficiency. All who complete the Post Test with a score of 80% or higher will be eligible for 24.5 contact hours of continuing nursing education.

Based on the content in chapters 2–8 of the 4th edition FHMPP text book, this post test will enable participants to:
  • Describe factors that impact fetal oxygenation and that influence fetal heart rate (FHR) regulation
  • Describe routine maternal and fetal assessments in pregnancy and the identification and management of common pregnancy complications
  • Describe the benefits and limitations of fetal heart rate auscultation techniques and of external and internal electronic monitoring techniques
  • Evaluate fetal heart rate tracings using NICHD terminology and indicate clinical interventions for the tracings
  • Describe physiologic factors that may affect fetal acid-base status during labor and list methods for acid-base status assessment
  • List strategies to promote effective communication in intrapartal clinical settings

Take the Fetal Heart Monitoring 4th Edition Post Test now!
Contact Hours: 24.5
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